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Kayak tours of Victoria’s Inner Harbour
and its scenic waterfront.

Based in Victoria at Fisherman’s Wharf, we are in an ideal location for viewing wildlife. Vancouver Island is home to a wide variety of migrating water fowl and marine mammals. We often see the majestic bald eagle, the great blue heron, the diving cormorant, the social shorebird the oyster catcher, and the abundant Canada geese. Mink, river otters and harbour seals frequent our shores and with luck we may see the massive stellar sealion or transient orca. Our naturalist will discuss the characteristics and habitat of these wonderfully fascinating animals.

Canada’s Pacific West Coast is a magnificent meeting of land and sea with a unique marine ecosystem that is determined by the movement of the ocean through it. Vancouver Island’s shoreline and intertidal zone is exposed and covered by the ocean’s tides that supply an amazing array of marine wildlife nutrients not found within the open ocean. From rocky cliffs, to sandy beaches, we’ll view algae eating mollusks like mussels and clams that attach to rocks, sea urchins, anemones, shrimp, crabs and fish. We’ll pause for a rest in a kelp reef to talk about the importance of bull kelp, an integral part of this system. Within the canopy of kelp fronds small bait fish and juvenile cod hide from predators like harbour seals. While above, gulls, cormorants and even eagles use these floating kelp reefs to rest.

Kelp Reef Adventures practices responsible marine wildlife viewing by watching marine animals in their natural habitat at a respectable distance. In accordance to marine mammal protection guidelines we enjoy watching seals and sea lions when hauled up out of the water without startling them to the safety of the ocean. This is especially important in June during ‘pupping season’ when pregnant harbour seals are at rest and conserving energy for an upcoming birth. We have even witnessed the birth and first breath of a baby seal pup.

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